Kindly allow me to introduce myself, Carl Richter, single father of 2 SKAT Gymnasts.  A work from home Entrepreneur, focused at online business, including and not limited to Web Design / Creation, Online Marketing & Affiliate Marketing.

I am proud to announce the “completion” of SKAT’s new website, and thereby assisting them in joining the age of technology.  I do not feel, a website will ever be truly finished, however we have laid the foundation for a good, decent & stable website for the Club.

It has taken some doing, as originally we had decided to launch in October 2016, so we are only a little bit late.  This is unfortunately due to the difficulties of finding time to sit with Riaan, to discuss the needs, the layout & the content that was required to build the website.

We have been able to add certain Affiliations to the Club on the website, such as Elevate Trampoline Park, where Prize Givings & Award Ceremonies have taken place, as well as some Competitions, and we thank Louis for assisting us with his venue.  Spot Wear has been featured for all your Gymnastic clothing requirements, and please feel free to contact Carin should you be in need of any.

I do believe, that in future & as time allows we may look at adding a Gallery section, where we will be able to display Photographs of our Gymnasts in action.

Kindly have a browse through the website, and should you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave those below.

Good Luck to All the Gymnasts


Carl Richter



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